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A word after a word after a word is power.

–Margaret Atwood

When writing for publication, readers come first. End of story.
This is the core of my editorial philosophy after more than 15 years as a writing professional. From community journalism to academic editing to fiction, writing is writing is writing is always, always, always about what’s best for your readers.

On this site, you won’t be subjected to navel-gazing nonsense about “art,” and we don’t elevate “literary” writing over communicating clearly to the masses. We’re thoughtful about gatekeeping, and we think society has much more pressing problems than the odd bit of profanity. Deal with it.

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What’s your deal? I’m a married mother of five, and I manage a business. I am both a foster-adoptive parent and a bio mom. I worked remotely and from home pre-kids, and I still do. When I discuss parenting in the context of organizing one’s ducks, rest assured this is stuff we live every day.

We’re tucked away near the Continental Divide in the Rockies of Montana. This is not your suburban mommy blog.

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